Golden Nest is the number one producer of swallow nest products in the United States. All of our healthy dried nests and gourmet products reflect our excellent values and high regard for our customer’s health.

Our Products

When it comes to such a rare and prized delicacy as the edible swallow nest, you can depend on us to deliver only the best products every time. Our Golden Nest line carries dried swallow nests, nest soups, nest beverages, and premium lean jerkies.
Our dried swallow nests have been thoroughly hand-cleaned of all impurities; yet still remain in their natural, raw form. Not only do we produce authentic white nests, we also carry rare gold nests, red nests, and wild cave nests. All of these nests are conveniently packaged in small, medium, and family-sized boxes to fit your special occasions. To give you even more options, we also offer dried nests according to its different grade levels—from Grade AAA to Grade C. You will never be short of options with Golden Nest.

Similarly, our swallow nest soups and beverages offer a wide array of healthy options, such as lychee, longan, goji, loquat, honey and red dates. We never use artificial flavoring for our nest soups and beverages; instead, we cook our swallow nests using only natural and organic ingredients to preserve its integrity and health benefits. None of our products contain preservatives and other artificial additives.

Golden Nest Premium Jerkies were made with hormone-free US meats, guaranteeing high-quality, lean jerkies for health-conscious individuals. Our jerkies are 100% free of MSG, gluten, and artificial preservatives. In fact, we only preserve our jerkies using honey and vacuum-sealed packaging.

We have three types of lean jerky products: chicken, pork, and beef—all of which were grilled on an open fire prior to drying. This method preserves the meats’ juiciness and substance despite being categorized as dried products. In addition to our honey-glazed jerkies, we also offer other fantastic flavors, such as sweet Sriracha for the spice lovers and honey teriyaki for those who want more of that juicy kick.