Our Story

Established in 1996, Golden Nest has won over tens of thousands of customers in the U.S. and abroad. We safeguard our customers’ health and trust by providing only the best quality products, derived from natural and organic sources. Golden Nest’s transparency and health-conscious approach to consumer goods has earned A+ Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. To date, we remain the most trusted birds’ nest brand in the nation.

Our Mission

We aim to develop innovative, healthy food
products that benefit consumers of all ages and health circumstances.

*Based on a 2006 survey with over 5,000 respondents

  • One of the Best Swallow Nest Brand

    95% of consumers rated Golden Nest as better than all other swallow nest brands in the market

  • Highly Recommended

    98% of consumers would recommend Golden Nest products to their friends and family

Our Values

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    Our greatest concern, first and foremost, is always our customers’ health. Golden Nest, Inc. was built from one man’s dream to create nourishing health products with integrity and transparency. To this day, our company still upholds those values. We ensure that all of our products undergo strict examinations and pass all safety regulations before they are released to the public.

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    With more than two decades’ worth of experience under our belt, we’ve developed multiple product lines—each one with unsurpassed quality and taste.We pride ourselves for carrying a boundless amount of natural and organic food products.

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    Our pursuit of excellence sets us apart from the majority of exotic food producers in the U.S. and abroad. We never take shortcuts. Our commitment to excellence is the reason why our customers trust our company and recommend our products to their friends and family.

What makes us different?

Unlike our competitors, Golden Nest provides natural, high quality nests of all types: Red Nests, Gold Nests, White Nests, and Cave Nests. All of our nests are hand-washed and free of bleaching and artificial colors. In addition to the various types of nests, we also provide a wide range of different grades in each nest category to accommodate to each of our customer’s needs.

Further, Golden Nest produces a vast array of organic health products,from gourmet swallow nest recipes to our exotic Gogee line and organic Healthee Juice line. Our dedicated team of researchers creates some of the most innovative health products on the market. We always strive to find better ways to serve our diverse customers.


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