When we started Golden Nest in 1995, bird’s nests were well known throughout China and East Asia.

They weren’t quite as popular in the United States, but that’s changed over the past decade. Along with the increased popularity of bird’s nests around the globe came an increase in harvesting.

Sadly, native swallow populations in Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia started to decline because of aggressive over-harvesting of wild bird’s nests.

We wanted something different – something sustainable for bird populations and for the men and women who harvested bird’s nests.

While wild bird’s nests are considered far more valuable than all other types of nests, we knew that it was more important to preserve swallow populations and local economies than it was to chase dollars.

Sustainable, Environmentally-Friendly Farms

Today, Golden Nest is not only a leader in quality and consistency in the global market, but we’re also leading the way supporting farmers and operations that utilize cruelty-free farming practices that protect swallows and benefit local farmers.

Knowing that wild- or cave-harvested nests were becoming dangerously rare, we chose to invest our efforts in swallow farms in areas where the farmers we partner with will not infringe on the environment. As Swallow farms are fast becoming a big industry, we invest in the right farmers and communities that provide safe places for birds to build their nests and preserve their populations.

Providing Safe Work for Farmers

We take pride in the jobs and community involvement in the urban and suburban areas where we partner with local farmers.

One of the dangers of harvesting wild bird’s nests is that farmers are placed in very dangerous situations as they scale sheer rock cliffs and hard-to-reach alcoves in massive caves – the traditional way of farming and gathering bird’s nest. Death and injury are not uncommon in these scenarios.

We only work closely with bird farms that provide a safe, controlled environment for farmers to use sound harvesting techniques that don’t harm them or the swallows.

As our business grows, we help infuse cash into local economies and provide stable jobs for workers.

A Commitment to Farm-Raised Bird’s Nests

Our commitment to support the farm-raised bird’s nests starts with local communities and dedicated farmers and it ends with the customer’s satisfaction.

Our products continue to keep our global customer base happy, not only because of our reputation as one of the premier bird’s nest companies in the United States but because of our dedication to the exclusive use of farm-raised bird’s nests for our swallow’s nest soup and drink products.

The end result is healthy, delicious and the result of responsible business practices that honor local communities and swallow populations.